Hold-Me-Tight (TM)

Hold-Me-Tight (TM)
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Product Description

This is the tool that started it all! 

The Hold-Me-Tight (TM) is a  must-have for every lampworker.  The Hold-Me-Tight (TM) allows you to hold a short piece of glass rod.  It's comfortable to hold, easy to load, keeps your fingers away from the flame and will pay for itself by reducing the amount of expensive wasted glass!

Made of stainless steel the Hold-Me-Tight (TM) is about 6 inches long x 1 inch wide and weighs about 6oz.  One piece with V-shaped channel that holds glass rod securely.  You can hold small stringer as small as 1.5mm to large 8mm rod with ease.  

As you may know there are a few other glass rod holders out there, but the problem with other tools is they are not strong enough to hold the short ends of the glass rods tightly while I finish making the bead and they hold only one size rod.

NOTE: IF YOU USE BIGGER RODS, PLEASE LET US KNOW, WE CAN CUSTOM MAKE A LARGER CAPACITY ROD HOLDER FOR YOU for only sligtly more. The tool is so sturdy that you can use it to pull stringers from your short ends too; as we all know with most silver laden glass selling for $100.00 a pound, it is great to be able to use the entire rod of glass.

Here's an video Introduction of our Hold-Me-Tight (TM)

Jelveh of www.jelvehdesigns.etsy.com has tested this tool and loves it, after 9 years of making glass beads she has finally found a rod holder & grasper that works awesome.
Cindy Allen of www.workingglassgirl.etsy.com also loves this tool and finds it invaluable.