Masher: Round-About (TM)

Masher: Round-About (TM)
Item# masher_roundabout

Product Description

Our Round-About (TM) Masher squeezes your bead gently, forms various sized beads. The Round-About Masher can form a small oval as well as a large tablet size bead. Having no mandrel slots, it gives you the freedom to move your bead around the Masher to make the desired shape. Best of all, the Masher is brought to your best vantage point of view, eye-level!

How much you squeeze is up to you, leaving the bead thick by not squeezing completely close.

Made of stainless steel, the Roll-About Masher is made with a design in mechanism that will let you control the squeeze without too much pressure. The curved paddles meet together evenly and parrelled.

The overall length is about 7 inches and weighs about 6oz. The cups are 33 mm outside diameter, inside diameter is 31 mm, the cups slope gently to an inside depth of 8 mm closed.