Masher: Roll About (TM)

Masher: Roll About (TM)
Item# masher_rollabout

Product Description

Our Roll-About (TM) masher gives you the freedom to move the mandrel inside it, there are no slots for the mandrel. The best feature we have heard from beadmakers is that they can bring the Masher up to the bead instead of taking the bead to the tool! You will be able to get a better view of the bead being squeeze when you can bring it up to your eye level!

Our Roll-About (TM) masher gives you the verstility of making longer beads, of various widths and lengths, producing unique shapes. With practice and by applying uniform amounts of pressure you can become very consistent with bead sizing. The paddles meet together evenly.

Made of stainless steel the Roll-About (TM) is about 6.8 inches long and weighs about 7oz. The curved paddles are 1.9 inch x 1 inch. When closed the inside depth is 6.6mm and opens all the way to 2 inches.