Masher: Squeeze-Me-Right Jumbo (TM)

Masher: Squeeze-Me-Right Jumbo (TM)
Item# masher_squeezemerightjumbo

Product Description

By popular demand!  This is the jumbo sized tool to our popular Squeeze-Me-Right(TM).

NOTE: This tool used to be called Big Brother.  Only the name has changed to avoid confusion with our other tools.

The larger handles and paddles allow accomidate larger beads.  The precision of the tool allows for accurate and leveled mashing capability on a larger scale! The handle is longer to keep the center of action precise. By bringing the tool to the Bead you are making, you can view it while mashing it!

Made of stainless steel the Squeeze-Me-Right Jumbo (TM) is about 8.5 inces long and weighs 12oz.  The paddles are 2 inches squared, fully spread the the opened width is 3 inches.