Masher: Super RoundAbout (TM)

Masher: Super RoundAbout (TM)
Item# Masher_SuperRoundAbou

Product Description

Here it is, a SERIOUS tool for the SERIOUS lampworker & flameworker: the “SUPER Round-About Masher!”

This tool is a must have for those not afraid of making a LARGE bead (medallion), and can handle a “ton” of glass on a mandrel, almost 2, 12 inch rods, about 5-6 mm diameter!

This latest tool is like our popular Round-About Masher, scaled up, with wider diameter cups. It is made of stainless steel, the least-heat transferring material, to minimize chill marks. It has the same patented gently-closing spring mechanism and parallel action that all our other tools have.
The total length is 8 inches long
~1.85 inch, or 47 mm, diameter cups
weights only 10 oz.


You can make a 0.4 inch, or 10 mm thick bead by applying the maximum amount of glass to fully closed cups. Many size and shape beads are possible, given the amount of glass you apply to make your specific bead as long as your bead foot print is the same width as the cups. As in all our tools, you are able to see your bead shaped because you bring the tool “up” to your bead at eye level, instead of taking the bead “down” to the table!

These beads above were kindly made by Jelveh, Jelveh Designs, to show the size of beads that can be made. The transparent green is the actual size, the decorated ones demonstrates how large the bead can look with more detailed work. The smaller bead was made with our standard Round-About Masher. As long as the “footprint” of your bead is the same width of the tool, and you have the same amount of glass on each side, you can make many shapes with the tool.



Here's some hints and tips that Jelveh put together for us!

As with any new tool you have to play with it to learn all the possibilities. Before you start your bead, you can place the mandrel on one of the paddles of the opened masher and mark the width of the masher with a sharpie on your mandrel. This will help you to measure your footprint. Make sure the glass you add to your mandrel is inside these marked areas and give yourself at least 1mm of space inside the lines. Add a larger amount of glass to the center of your footprint to have enough glass in the deepest part of the cups. Keep turning the gather of glass until you have the shape of a “football.” Once you have this shape, use the mashers to press the bead. It took Jelveh only 2 beads to get it right; finding the desired shape will vary with the amount of experience you have.

It is recommended you use at least a 3/32nd mandrel, as you will have a large amount of glass to handle. Always remember to keep the bead cozy warm in the flame to prevent cracks, especially if you add details to your bead. Another recommendation is to start your lampworking session with this “Super” beat at the beginning of your session to allow it to have the maximum time in the kiln, instead of at the end of your session. A “bushier” flame may be better to work with this larger amount of glass.